VIPS offers superior quality military grade fuels, which include:

Jet Fuels

  • Jet A1 Kerosene grade suitable for most turbine engines
  • Jet A Kerosene grade with higher freeze point
  • Jet B Cold weather alternative higher flammability
  • JP4 Military specifications
  • JP5 Military specifications with higher flash point
  • JP8 Military specifications with anti-icing and corrosion additives

Diesel Fuels

  • D1 Cold weather diesel or lower viscosity and lower horsepower
  • D2 Warmer weather diesel that is sometimes mixed with D1
  • Marine Ultra low sulfur blended for ships as Distillate (DMX, DMA, DMB, DMC); Residual (IFO 180, 380) and Intermediate (RMA, RML)
  • Specialty Fuels